At TyM we are aware of the pace of technology innovation therefore we are always up to date. Specialists on development of custom solutions, we apply the latest methodologies and technologies available, contributing with our experience and a high responsibility on each development phase.

System Development

For years system development has been our principal business.

The software development automatization, standardization with project management methodologies and application lifecycle management, as well as customer-oriented management alongside a high adaptation to organizational needs, make our service one of the best in the market:

  • High flexibility in work team configuration: in-client location and/or in our specialized development centers.
  • Use of agile or “waterfall” methodologies according to client and project needs.
  • Proprietary frameworks for main development technologies, proprietary (.NET) and opensource (Java).
  • Optimized frameworks for corporate backoffice management systems with highly data management and decentralized use.

Data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI + Bigdata)

Familiarize ourselves with the ecosystem of owned and third-party data of our clients to extract the maximum potential of them is our day to day. We offer development services of Business Intelligence (BI) projects, where we apply the latest Big Data techiniques when it is needed.

This detailed knowledge allow us to evaluate the integrity and coherence of available data and to facilitate the avaliability of the needed data for corporate management systems, the main BI platforms (we are partners of Tableau –, Big Data and the more commons files formats uses by business units and users.

We cover the full spectrum of an end-to-end BI project:

  • Business understanding and data asimilation from any format (structured or not) and any source (databases, openData, file system, etc).
  • Creating the data formal architecture, Data Warehouse, subdivision in specifics Datamarts on-demand.
  • Generation of automated ETLs (Extraction, Transformation and Loading packages) considering datification and data quality.
  • Application of calculation techniques to create new data, forecast in existing series and new derived series.
  • Big Data
  • Definition of most representative KPIs for the business.
  • Viewing data with the most powerful tools in the market, in order to create custom dashboards according to requirements.

Thanks to our BI & BigData solutions our customers can:

  1. Measure and optimize their business.
  2. Take decisions based on well-structured information avoiding mistakes.
  3. Show information clearly, useful and accessible for those who take decisions.
  4. Discover data inconsistencies.
  5. Browse and analyze business KPIs.
  6. Look for relationships between variables, even from different data sources.
  7. Predict trends.

Definition of KPIs and their operational limits, design and construction of Command Charts and Adhoc Reports complete this value-added service for business analysis and operative planning.

Software QA

The QA model we apply to the software lifecycle allows us to have 2 different approach, oriented to project needs and oriented to our clients.

On the one hand, we integrate product quality management into developmet methodologies for client who need to have new fully operational systems according to requirements, based on the V model of sucessive and staggered tests.

On the other hand, we have a independent QA service based on the dynamic and static revision, for the evaluation of operative applications on which it is necessary to know deficiencies.


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