Our wide expertise gained through more of two decades going along with our clients helping them with the day by day challenges in a closed and committed way, allow us to offer a set of services aimed at optimization of certain organizational processes.

Transparency and CSR

We support to our clients on his corporate transparency initiatives with the definition of value analysis processes, management and integration of information and broadcasting to interest groups.

The close collaboration from the beginning of the strategic definition to execution planning and the analysis of results, enable us to obtain the expected result in lower times.

Incentives Models

Sustained revenue growth is one of the main needs of our customers and we know it. Redefinition of sales goals from commercial force and efficient realignment of territories are the main approach to optimize the sale process.

Our methodology based on the statistical analysis of historical data, market data, multivariable algorithms for sales forecast and the design of adapted incentives plans provides to the organization with the best framework for the sales force.

Segmentation and Targeting

At TyM we understand the importance of achieving results using minimal resources, that is why we tender our customers the optimization capabilities of the sales process at a critical points: the client characterization to offer a best-value proposal.

Our team of specialists on data integration and statistics analyze the historical data and identify the main business variables, in order to create models of relational patterns to obtain clusters and clients segments.

The correct segmentation and classification of potential and current customers allows the organization to effectively classify each business opportunity to ensure the accounts profitability and increment billings.


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