Our ability to work in business processes alongside the clients teams with total efficacy, allow us to offer a high value added to the organization dedicating resources to most important needs.

Territory Alignment support / Commercial structure / CRM and Marketing

The day-to-day of the commercial organizations is too stressful to spend 30-40% of the daily hours in non-profit tasks like information management.

Therefore, whether the organization make use of some business solution, like our SMART solution, our in-place teams can help to increment the commercial force productivity working on task of information management related to:

  • Positions in the organization structure and employees, territories and allocation rules.
  • Hierarchies definition for product sales and allocation to sales structures.
  • Product sale lines generation and allocation to sales structures.
  • Registration of commercial plans and brand action plans.
  • Commercial budgets management.
  • Registration and analysis of outgoings related to commercial activity.
  • Data quality analysis: debugging of errors and duplicates, system consolidation and update broadcasting.
  • Data extraction to generate reports and sale cycle analysis for sales representatives and managers.

Sales goals and incentives

Into the sales area, our capabilities allow us to help our clients with monotonous and repetitive tasks needed to achieve a right performance.

Our operation of fixing goals and incentives for the sales force, either on SMART or third-party corporate solution used by our customers, include:

  • Update of data related to the elements from the sales force and its hierarchical structure.
  • Analysis of sales data (owned or third-party) and generation of consolidated data from heterogeneous sources for later reuse.
  • Definition of sales scenarios and their configuration / parameterization: periods, phases, goals distribution formulas, etc.
  • Reception and management of requests for adjustments in fixed goals.
  • Nonconformities analysis and quarreling resolution.
  • Definition and generation of incentives plans, as well as profit calculation and exception/dispute management.

Data integration

Our service is based on the high capacity to operate on the leading data bases of the market, performing task like extraction, manipulation, cleaning and optimization of data.

Our expertise allow us to manage and generate operational data models through the integration between the main backoffice systems: ERP (SAP, Navison, SAGE), CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics, Veeva), BI (SAP BO, IBM Cognos, Microstrategy), and DB (Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres).

User support

Our user support service is based on 3 fundamental principles: user satisfaction, quick answers and transparency in solutions.

Our support service configure its SLA’s according to customers needs and the type of support to be rendered, having services of attention 8x5, 24x5 or 24x7, with a wide list of activities, geographical locations and languages.

The provision of service is organized in 3 basic levels of attention:

  • Level 1:Contact center, usually in charge of assistance in the use and administration of applications.
  • Level2: Technical assistance, in charge of expert support and incident resolution.
  • Level 3: Systems and DB, in charge of resolve problems derived from systems and related data bases.


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