The voting management application allows you to manage the entire cycle of a voting process. Similarly, it can be used for inquiries of the organization or company.



Thanks to eChoice you can:

  • Create an initial census of registrants to the process.
  • Manage registration centers, physical, if applicable.
  • Have an online and public enrollment page.
  • Manage the voting centers, with the necessary tables to cover the capacity.
  • Distribute the Census between the tables and manage the necessary transfers.
  • Carry out the closing, obtaining the lists of voters census in each table.
  • Manage exceptions to censuses.
  • Control the process on the day of voting by receiving advances and counting by the tables.
  • View the results in real time.

Administration backend

The administration backend is the place from which administrators can manage all aspects of the voting process.

Internal Web Portal

It will be the place from which the partners will manage their participation in a voting process. They can request online voting, request a transfer from one center to another and even vote electronically, if the process allows it.

Public Web Portal

The public portal optionally allows people outside the organization or company to join the process, if the consultation is open to citizens. It allows, optionally, the management of a payment by the inscription, payment that can be made with card or paypal.

In addition, the public portal also allows the visualization of the results (in real time) during the day of the votes.