It is an application that helps the generation, control, validation and publication of the declarations of assets of all those who are subject to a process of transparency (non-profit organizations, for example).


Administration backend

From the administration backend, a manager can:

  • List all the declarations of goods, being able to apply filters for the search of the same.
  • Observe the status of a statement, whatever the status of it.
  • Review the statements that the interested party has sent for validation, at this point you will be able to:
    • To return those that contain some error, commenting what it is necessary to correct the interested one through multiple fields of observations.
    • Accept the correct ones, so that the system generates the corresponding PDF.

The valid declarations are automatically published to the public web portal of transparency, where they can be downloaded by the citizens.

Web Portal

It presents a space in which each interested party can configure the basic data of how his profile will appear in the public transparency portal.
From this portal, anyone subject to the transparency process can:

  • Configure your basic data, such as photo, digital identity, calendar, etc.
  • Complete your goods statement, in a guided way in 5 steps.
  • Submit your statement to review by an administrator. To request the publication, a security system based on coordinates card will be used.
  • Correct those aspects that an administrator comments that need revision.
  • Review and download in PDF your goods statement already validated.