In the case of charities or non-profit organizations (or under certain business schemes), with the application of eCon may carry out all economic efforts of the organization, to face of the partners.



ECon is a system that will control the flow of money from the partner (or donor) to the central management for a later distribution from the central agency to lower levels, if applicable, at all organizational levels (scope). The payment mechanisms that have been integrated are:

  • Charge to account (model C19), with automated returns.
  • Charge to account (model SEPA), with automated returns.
  • Payment letter, with automated return.
  • Creditcard, through virtual POS.
  • Paypal.

From the administrator backend, the manager can:

  • Check the status of fees and receipts issued.
  • Manage quotas or donations.
  • Maintain input history.
  • Perform emissions-assisted system to collect all arrears.
  • Define the distribution criteria along the territorial structures based on different criteria.

Econ has a web interface that allows associates to manage their economic data, review their fees, and other options such as:

  • Editing payment data, payment method, voluntary fee, etc.
  • Viewing payment history.
  • Review of late or unpaid fees.
  • Payment of arrears with card.
  • Download the tax data for the declaration of income.