Customers and Affiliates Management



This is the central application for managing partners (or subscribers). Most applications will depend on it to be able to contrast the information of each person.



This system contains all the data of the persons and the area to which they belong. In addition, it allows the administrators to take all necessary steps such as registration, withdrawal, receipts, control of defaults, transfers, etc.

From the backend administration, the organization can manage all aspects related to persons and the relationship with them:

  • Management of access users, with profile control and scope.
  • Management of areas: countries, areas, associations, sections, etc.
  • Management of natural and legal persons.
  • Economic management (generation of remittances, returns, Model 182, SEPLA, etc).
  • History of payment of dues or donations.
  • Exploitation of data (Lists and reports, Multidimensional exploitation of data, etc).
  • Additional tools (messaging, import, export, etc).