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TYM is a company formed by professionals of proven experience that provides consultancy, support and IT development services to private companies and administration.

From our beginnings at 1997 to the present, we manteing a progessive growth into differents economic markets. Our Clients are mainly international companies with global presence as well as local companies that entrust to us their operation both in the domestic market and in other wrold regions (EMEA, APAC and LATAM).

Whe hace several offices (Madrid, Malaga) and delegations (Barcelona, Valencia) in the national territory.

We actively collaborate with national and international technical universities to promote technological development initiatives as well as to maintain contact with various specialists from different areas of our business.

To date, we colllaborate with clientes beloging to different sectors, which allows us to offer customized solutions for the best implementation of projects in areas such as: Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Media, Telecommunications, Politics, Administrative and NGOs.


TYM was born as a startup dedicated to training.

The first corporate programs on development training for internal IT teams for medium and large companies was a success and rapidly the trainin catalog was extended to office automation packages, databases and Microsoft packages.

The confidence gained with each course makes to our clients begin to request professional services of development, maintenance and integration of applications.

This is how our software development business was born, starting with industrial customers linked to the oil sector.

After the consolidation in the national market, TyM get its first project and international client into the pharmaceutical sector.

TyM obtains the trust of one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and integrate the corporate sales force management system and commercial goals definition for Europe.

Improving our customers’ expectation every day, TyM obtains in 2011 its first contract of complete outsourcing for development and maintenance of applications in one of its existing clients.

With a 30% reduction in production costs and an average improvement of 15% in productivity, the new business line is consolidated with a considerable success.


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